About Episode 2

In this sophomore episode, we talk about our regular topics of parenting relationships, grilling/barbecuing and beer. Including how Brandon survived the recent tornados and Rob gives a tip for finding your hot spots on Brandon’s new grill. Rob and Brandon also talk about where they grew up, favorite sports teams and how they got started as influencers/bloggers. Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes

[0:00] Our intro: David Stanley, My Voice Over Masters.
[3:06] Kansas City’s own Boulevard Easy Sport.
[13:11] Grocery List App that Rob mentioned (Our Grocery List): Android | Apple
[19:52] Where Rob & Brandon met the Dad 2.0 Summit
[20:23] A blog post about Rob’s Daughter not dating (2016).
[29:10] Rob mentioned a meditation app. It’s called Calm
[33:52] Brandon’s Blog: The Rookie Dad
[33:52] Rob’s Blog: Rob Ainbinder – Digital Dad

Episode Transcript

00:00 Brandon Billinger: Maybe what I’m trying to do is prove a point to him, I’m just not doing it in the best way that a dad should.


00:07 David Stanley: The Dad Huddle podcast. One dad of two kids; the other, the dad of a teenager, talk about life, being a father and what it takes to live in this big world. And now, your hosts, Brandon Billinger and Rob Ainbinder.

00:24 Rob Ainbinder: Welcome to the Dad Huddle podcast, episode two. I’m your co-host, Rob Ainbinder, Digital Dad. And in the other chair is my co-host, Brandon Billinger, the Rookie Dad.

00:36 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, and first off, we’d like to give a special thanks to David Stanley for voicing our open. If you’d like to check out more of his amazing talent, head over to his site, My Voice-Over Masters. We’ll have a link to his site in our show notes, so be sure to check it out. How are you doing, Rob?

00:53 Rob Ainbinder: Man, I’m doing pretty well. How about you?

00:55 Brandon Billinger: You know, I’m hanging in there. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but we’re getting there.


01:04 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, it seems like time flies, doesn’t it?

01:07 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, you’re right, especially when you have kids. Oh man, it seems like you just… We were looking at our schedule over the next week and we’ve got baseball games on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. It’s back-to-back. And then, you got… You’re planning road trips, you’ve got… You’re planning all these stuff over the summer, it’s nuts.


01:29 Rob Ainbinder: I bet, yeah. Summer is a crazy time with families taking trips and baseball games and outdoor stuff. And it’s really, really active time for family. So, we appreciate the four listeners that have us on their podcast playlist.


01:50 Brandon Billinger: Yeah.

01:51 Rob Ainbinder: And have made us part of their day.

01:53 Brandon Billinger: You mean we’re up to four? Does that count the two of us?

01:56 Rob Ainbinder: [chuckle] Yeah, that’s also included. [chuckle]

02:02 Brandon Billinger: The two of us and our wives, there we go.

02:05 Rob Ainbinder: Oh, now we’re covered.

02:07 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, there we go. There’s the four of our listeners.


02:10 Rob Ainbinder: Okay. Well, if nothing else, they can say we had fun.

02:18 Brandon Billinger: That’s right, and exactly right.


02:23 Brandon Billinger: So, on that note, maybe not on the part of our wives.

02:27 Rob Ainbinder: No.

02:27 Brandon Billinger: Rob, what are you drinking tonight?

02:31 Rob Ainbinder: Tonight I’m drinking straight water. But I went through my pantry to see what leavings I had, and I have the following: I have a Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy in the pantry, I have a Black Mocha Stout, and I have one red ale from a local brewery. So I have those three to kinda… I gotta move those into the refrigerator and get those ready to drink because it’s time to bring on that summer stuff. What are you drinking tonight?

03:06 Brandon Billinger: Oh, tonight I’m drinking Kansas City’s own Boulevard. They have a new… They call it an Easy Sport, they call it a recreation ale. It’s got a little bit of a tangerine peel and sea salt in it. It’s actually really, really good.

03:24 Rob Ainbinder: Interesting. So, it’s an ale with tangerine peel and sea salt.

03:29 Brandon Billinger: Yeah.

03:30 Rob Ainbinder: Nice combination. So, really…

03:31 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, and it’s not heavy on the alcohol either, yeah.

03:34 Rob Ainbinder: It’s not? Okay. That kinda remind…

03:37 Brandon Billinger: With 4.1%, so…

03:38 Rob Ainbinder: Oh, nice. That reminds me of… Yeah, that Shandy that’s sitting in my pantry and the Radler that I drank years ago in Germany that got me into the idea that there was a beer for all seasons.

03:56 Brandon Billinger: Nice, nice. So, as we spoke about in our intro episode, it’s written into the Constitution that when you have a beer… Or no, when you strike up the grill, you’re supposed to have a beer in hand. So, what did you grill this week?

04:17 Rob Ainbinder: I grilled chicken breast and thighs.

04:20 Brandon Billinger: That’s always good to have out there on the grill.

04:23 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, it is.

04:24 Brandon Billinger: Do you smash… I use my mallet to smash them out and thin them out a little bit to help them cook a little bit more evenly. Do you do that?

04:33 Rob Ainbinder: I don’t.

04:34 Brandon Billinger: At least on my chicken breasts, I do anyway.

04:36 Rob Ainbinder: What I did with these is that I season them with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, it’s really easy, and then grill them to the preferred finish on the good side, we’ll say, on the presentation side. And then, when I was happy with that, I flipped them back over to let them finish cooking out.

05:00 Brandon Billinger: Nice.

05:01 Rob Ainbinder: And then… Because the challenge is that the thighs are really… They’re dark meat and they’re a little bit heavier on the fat that’s inside them, so you kinda… Thought I’d give them some time to cook off. Yeah. And then, of course, I’m checking them with my thermometer to check for doneness.

05:25 Brandon Billinger: Nice. Now, I put on some… I recently put on some bratwurst on the grill. And I found that they’re a little bit harder to cook because they’re not something that you wanna burn and that they cook quickly and you don’t wanna burn ’em. So what I’ve done is I boil them and I’ve noticed… Okay, I just recently have bought or got a new grill. And so, I’m learning all the aspects, the ins and outs of it. And so I did what I usually do by boiling my bratwurst, and then I put ’em onto the grill. Well, what I realized was, this is one of those infrared grills that there’s no flare-ups and so, they didn’t get a good char and they weren’t cooking the same way as they would normally. And so, what I’ve decided is that now I can… Since they cook a little bit more evenly and keep the juices all inside, I don’t necessarily need to boil them anymore. So I don’t know why I did it, but it’s just something I’ve become accustomed to, so… But something I learned and won’t be boiling ’em next time, I know that.

06:35 Rob Ainbinder: Neat, so you got a new grill.

06:39 Brandon Billinger: Yeah.

06:40 Rob Ainbinder: Do you know your hot spots?

06:42 Brandon Billinger: I do not yet. Yeah, it’s not something I’ve actually checked for.

06:47 Rob Ainbinder: Okay. Well, a tip for the new grill owner or the guy or gal that just bought a new grill and they wanna know what their hot spots are, get some of that Wonder Bread, that cheap white bread out of the pantry or wherever you keep it, put your fire grill up on medium, and then cover the grill with about eight pieces total, or whatever fills up your grate. And then, just periodically check the pieces of bread and see what gets toasted first. That’s your hot spots.

07:29 Brandon Billinger: Oh, that’s a really good idea. I’d never really thought about doing that before.

07:33 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, it’s just something I’ve learned along the way. And then you’ll understand more about the zones you can set up and where you can cook things faster versus where you can cook things slower.

07:49 Brandon Billinger: Right. Nice. Alright, so speaking of learning new things, let’s talk a little bit about our parenting struggles that we’ve had recently and we’ll get into our accomplishments as well. What are you struggling with, Rob, right now as a parent?

08:12 Rob Ainbinder: Well, it’s just learning to work together with my teenager and sharing the household responsibilities and working to help them understand that we’re in this together, and that we have some things that fall out of normal everyday that we might need to tackle. And if we can work on it together, it could happen a lot faster and get done a lot easier. What about you? How are things over building your household?

08:48 Brandon Billinger: [chuckle] Well, one of the things, I’ve been trying to figure out why I do what I’m… But I feel like I’m currently struggling with, and I didn’t know I was actually struggling with this until the other day, until my wife said something to me. But I have a really bad habit of picking fights with my son, or sons, let me put it that way, with my two kids. My wife just walked down right now and she’s shaking her head.


09:20 Brandon Billinger: She’s nodding her head.


09:26 Rob Ainbinder: Well-timed.

09:28 Brandon Billinger: Exactly, yeah. But yeah, so I’ve been trying to figure out why I do this, and I couldn’t even tell you… She came back down the stairs and was like… She said, “Use your head,” and I’m like… But I’ve been trying to figure out why it is or why I do this, and I can’t even remember what I was picking a fight with him over when she said this. But I think a lot of it goes back to when I was growing up. I grew up with a sister, and so I would always pick… Brother and sisters fight all the time. But I think a lot of it is just that I didn’t have that kind of brother-brother bond that some kids have. So yeah, I think it’s just… I don’t know. I tend to like to argue every now and then.


10:28 Brandon Billinger: And I think sometimes I do it just because I like to rile ’em up and see what his responses are part of the time, which is really not the best way to be a parent. [chuckle]

10:38 Rob Ainbinder: No, it’s not. And I have to admit that my wife has accused me of doing the same with my teenager, quite honestly. And it really created awareness in me that maybe I was partially complicit in creating the struggle. Not solely of course, but it made me aware that some of my actions might have been creating this situation as well. And I thought that was interesting, because I grew up with a brother and we always argued. And when you said that about you and your sister and then your two sons, I was like, “Oh, maybe there’s something to this.”

11:29 Brandon Billinger: Yeah. And I think a lot of it is, too, for me, I don’t know that… It doesn’t strike me that I’m starting an argument or picking a fight or whatever, ’cause maybe what I’m trying to do is prove a point to him, I’m just not doing it in the best way that a dad should.

11:52 Rob Ainbinder: Right, yeah. [chuckle] That can be tough to navigate for sure.

11:58 Brandon Billinger: That fine line of parenting.

12:00 Rob Ainbinder: Right. You’re the parent, they’re the child, or the young adult, or the young person in the equation, and we’re not there to be their friend.

12:16 Brandon Billinger: Exactly. As much as we wanna be their friend, we know that we shouldn’t be.

12:21 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, we can’t, we can’t be.

12:24 Brandon Billinger: Right, right. Anyway, okay. I think we’ve talked enough about struggling as a parent.

12:31 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah.


12:32 Rob Ainbinder: For this episode at least.

12:33 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what, Rob, do you feel has been one of your accomplishments as a parent recently?

12:42 Rob Ainbinder: They’re few and far between.

12:45 Brandon Billinger: I know it’s a tough question, it’s a tough question.

12:47 Rob Ainbinder: It is.

12:50 Brandon Billinger: We like to ask the tough questions here on Dad Huddle.

12:53 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, you do.


12:55 Rob Ainbinder: It’s like a Barbara Walters question. And you look nothing like Barbara Walters.

13:02 Brandon Billinger: I know, right? Yeah, I don’t look nearly as good as she does.

13:08 Rob Ainbinder: But I think…


13:11 Rob Ainbinder: You know I think making the teenager more responsible for their own household things, laundry and that kind of thing. And then the other thing that I did was I put this app on my phone and on her phone for grocery list, and it’s called Grocery List Plus or something, so it’s cross-platform and I signed up and created a login and then gave her the login and so we can both add groceries to the list.

13:48 Brandon Billinger: Nice, nice.

13:50 Rob Ainbinder: So I’m never chasing her for what she needs and she is never chasing me for something she needs, so it’s evened out some of that. So I’ll take that as an accomplishment.

14:09 Brandon Billinger: There you go. Yeah, I like that. That’s good. Grocery shopping is always… Is never fun.

14:16 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, no. I’m fast, and I get in and get out.

14:20 Brandon Billinger: And well, and especially coming up with the list, that’s the hardest part for me.

14:25 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah. [chuckle] ‘Cause for me, meals are attached to the list, so it’s that and then, “Oh, my teenager, she needs dry shampoo.” I didn’t know that, and then I used to get these texts while I was at the store that, “I need this, that, and the other thing.” I was like…


14:52 Rob Ainbinder: “I can’t do that. You have to tell me before I leave. I can’t do that anymore.”

15:00 Brandon Billinger: Now does the list on that app, does it automatically update? ‘Cause then she could, theoretically, be at home and be like, “Oh, I need that so I add it to the list.”

15:08 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, absolutely, she could do that.

15:11 Brandon Billinger: Risk, or hope that maybe you hadn’t left the store yet.


15:17 Rob Ainbinder: Well, as I’m shopping, I do take things off the list. So if she added something… Yeah, OurGroceries Plus is what it’s called.

15:29 Brandon Billinger: Nice. I’ll have to take a look into it.

15:30 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah. So, yeah, she could add, she has added things while I was shopping. And there’s really no way to prevent that. I think that’s a little thing to finesse.

15:49 Brandon Billinger: Well, one of my accomplishments…

15:52 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, your accomplishments…

15:54 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, I guess if you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you probably have heard about the tornadoes and severe weather that we had, recently had come through the Kansas City area. Man, that’s… We were watching that since they were south of Lawrence, which is the city outside of Kansas City. And if you were watching as they were making the tornado warnings it was making a beeline right for our house. But luckily, it went up north but as you’re watching that, as you’re seeing you’re like, “Oh no, we could be hit by a tornado here in the next hour or so.” Luckily… And that tornado was completely different because it had been on the ground for so long and it hadn’t been moving for a while so they were able to warn everybody. And luckily, there weren’t any deaths in it, and there weren’t very many injuries either, so there’s plenty of warning but as a dad, one of the things that I did was, I take it upon myself to keep my family safe during severe weather and whatnot, and I was keeping an eye on it and whatnot.

17:17 Brandon Billinger: I just made sure that we were all safe, kept the family calm ’cause my oldest doesn’t deal with severe weather all that well, and he was worried and scared and whatnot. So luckily, we were able to come down to the basement during that time, I said, “Let’s just go down. We’ll turn on the TV, you can watch a movie.” And then, I was able to stream our local news and keep an eye on it on my computer to make sure that we were all okay.

17:45 Rob Ainbinder: Nice, yeah.

17:47 Brandon Billinger: That’s what… So…

17:48 Rob Ainbinder: Dad the protector.

17:50 Brandon Billinger: That’s right. That’s kind of one of the roles that we play.

17:54 Rob Ainbinder: Right. Yeah, for sure. I have a weather app on my phone and it shows you… It’s a radar app and there’s a couple of different ones, and the one I have shows… It’ll show storms and it’ll show cloud cover, it’ll show wind direction and rain. And it’s nice to know that, “Oh yeah, rain’s gonna come by in about 15 minutes.”

18:23 Brandon Billinger: Yeah.

18:23 Rob Ainbinder: Or if it’s gonna be a heavier than usual kind of a rain you know what to expect. And I think that’s something our parents didn’t really have as much. They knew severe weather was coming but not down to their address.

18:43 Brandon Billinger: Right. And that’s kinda one of the things that we’ve been talking about at work too, is that when I grew up in Western Kansas and so we were right in the smack dab in the middle of tornado alley and whenever there was a tornado in a particular county, they would warn the entire county. Well, the technology has advanced so much to the point that now, they can localize those warnings so that you don’t have to warn the entire county.

19:13 Rob Ainbinder: Really?

19:13 Brandon Billinger: Yeah. That particular tornado was only maybe like 10-15 miles to the north of us, but if that happened when I was growing up, they would have just warned the entire county and we would have all been down in the basement. Whereas, my wife was able to look at that and be like, “Oh yeah, I can go outside and take a look.” And it wasn’t even raining at our house, that’s how… I mean, that tornado was just really, really weird.

19:48 Rob Ainbinder: Wow.

19:52 Brandon Billinger: Yeah. But speaking of Dad the protector, you know Rob, one of my very earliest memories of meeting you was at, I think we spoke about it in episode one was at Dad 2.0 and you were talking about your daughter dating at that particular time. So how has that been going for you?

20:13 Rob Ainbinder: Wow. At that time, that was how many years ago?

20:18 Brandon Billinger: That was I think it was like four, five…

20:20 Rob Ainbinder: Four years ago?

20:21 Brandon Billinger: Yeah.

20:23 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah. At that time, she was just starting to interact with boys and ask for time spent out of home and out of school in the company of young men. And so, the very first date, air quotes, you can’t see them, was a supervised outing to the movies and that’s on my blog. My daughter will not date or something to that effect. And we sat in the movie theater with them, and that was her first “date.”

21:23 Brandon Billinger: Nice.

21:23 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah.

21:23 Brandon Billinger: And how did it go?

21:28 Rob Ainbinder: It went well. I think it was interesting because the boy’s parent… It was a single-family of single dad/mom kind of situation. The dad didn’t choose to hang around. I thought that was kind of interesting. But maybe we’re a little more protective of our young ladies than we are of our young men in this case.

21:54 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, right.

21:54 Rob Ainbinder: I don’t know. But then another young man she decided to start to see and his parents were even more protective of him than we were of ours, if that’s possible. Yes, it was, but… So it’s been interesting that evolution and really talking about a whole bunch of issues that come up when they start to be in the company of a young man or a young woman outside of the house, is that… That’s a whole episode.

22:42 Brandon Billinger: Yeah. I was gonna say this sounds like something we could get into.

22:44 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah.

22:44 Brandon Billinger: Yeah.

22:45 Rob Ainbinder: But it certainly has evolved. And there’s a young man in her life now and they’ve been seeing each other for about a year.

22:58 Brandon Billinger: Wow.

23:00 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah.

23:00 Brandon Billinger: Cool. Yeah, I was gonna say this will be something that we can dive into.

23:06 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, definitely.

23:07 Brandon Billinger: For an entire episode at some point.

23:10 Rob Ainbinder: Right, yeah, great idea.

23:11 Brandon Billinger: Yeah.

23:12 Rob Ainbinder: We’ll come back to that for sure.

23:14 Brandon Billinger: Yeah. Alright, so we have… And we’ll be talking about relationships all across the board, whether it’s teenage relationships, the relationships that I have with my two boys and with our wives as well, but we’re gonna cut… We’ve dubbed this episode, The All About Us episode. So you’re gonna cut loose… So we kinda thought. Okay, you’re listening to Dad Huddle and you’ve heard Rob and you’ve heard Brandon, you’re probably wondering,”Who are these two guys that they’ve decided to give a microphone to?” I say they, like there is some sort of they out there that…


[overlapping conversation]

23:56 Rob Ainbinder: Like there’s some omnipotent power that issues microphones.


24:03 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah.

24:06 Rob Ainbinder: Had nothing to do with a gift certificate from Best Buy for my purchase on Amazon.

24:11 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. And the fact that we can record Skype interviews.


24:16 Rob Ainbinder: There’s no man behind the curtain.


24:23 Brandon Billinger: Yeah. Yeah.

24:25 Rob Ainbinder: It’s just us.

24:27 Brandon Billinger: But yeah, so we thought we’d give you a little bit of background as to who we are. I’m originally from Western Kansas, as I mentioned earlier in the episode, but I’m a transplant into the Kansas City area which I can get into how that relates to my favorite sports team as well ’cause I grew up… I’m a huge baseball fan. And growing up in Western Kansas, the only team that we had… The Colorado Rockies were a new franchise at the time. And so they were the only team on television that we had on cable. So I started watching them all the time. My dad is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, and so we would also go out to Denver quite a bit to watch the Rockies and the Dodgers play since they’re in the National League West and all, so that’s how I became a Dodgers fan… Or not a Dodgers fan. My dad would be proud of that. Hopefully, he’s not listening.


25:21 Brandon Billinger: But that’s how I became a Rockies fan in Kansas City, but I’m not a Denver Broncos fan, I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

25:34 Rob Ainbinder: Really?

25:35 Brandon Billinger: Which… Yeah, yeah.

25:37 Rob Ainbinder: Of all the things.

25:39 Brandon Billinger: Exactly. Well, there’s… Yeah, I can’t… I just can’t. For some reason, I just can’t root for the Broncos. I don’t know why. But anyway, yeah Rob, I almost hesitate to ask ’cause I know this story [laughter] and I know what your favorite sports team is. So where are you from?

26:02 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, I know you know.

26:05 Brandon Billinger: Where are you from? And what’s your favorite sports team?

26:07 Rob Ainbinder: So I’m from a little town about 35 miles the north of Boston and just, I’m gonna fill in for those that know, Merrimack Valley from the 617, now the 508. But my favorite sport and my favorite sports team, my favorite sport is professional football, and my favorite football team is the New England Patriots. And I have to say that sometimes it’s just a matter of where you grew up and what you grew up watching, and there were a lot of years that we probably didn’t have to watch the Patriots. [laughter] But these last seven have been really awesome.

27:06 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, yeah.


27:08 Brandon Billinger: That’s all I’m gonna say.

27:09 Rob Ainbinder: Unless you’re a cheese fan.

27:11 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, unless you’re a cheese fan. I think we’ve got your number this year, though. I think Mahomes is gonna carry this team even more than he did last year, but that’s another episode. [laughter]

27:23 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, that is another episode.

27:24 Brandon Billinger: That’s another episode. We’ll get into that during football season.

27:27 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, definitely.


27:29 Rob Ainbinder: So what’s a favorite hobby of yours?

27:33 Brandon Billinger: When I’m not…

27:34 Rob Ainbinder: You’re not… You’re not blogging…

27:36 Brandon Billinger: When I’m not blogging, when I’m not watching baseball. This kinda relates into… June is Men’s Health Month so one of the things that I do to decompress from the day or whatever is, I like to either run or work out in some way. And it’s not just to work on my dad bod, it’s not just that I wanna work on that.

28:10 Rob Ainbinder: Every guy has a dad bod at some point.

28:12 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. It’s more or less just because I wanna be able to have the energy to be able to keep up with my kids. They are at that age where they’re just running around like crazy and I just wanna be able to keep up with them.

28:25 Rob Ainbinder: Oh, yeah, totally.

28:26 Brandon Billinger: And be able to hang with them.

28:28 Rob Ainbinder: I get that.

28:29 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, that’s what I’m not… I’m not necessarily doing… I’m not necessarily running all the time, I’m not blogging or podcasting or watching baseball ’cause that would be unhealthy. [laughter] But yeah, that’s, I mean, when I’m… It just has slowly become one of the outlets that I have in my life. What about you?

28:50 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah. When I’m not blogging and I’m not podcasting, I love to cook outdoors, that’s one thing that I really love to do. I do some meditation usually at night to help me go to sleep.

29:09 Brandon Billinger: There you go.

29:10 Rob Ainbinder: So it helps me manage some stress and I use an app for that, that I pay a subscription fee and I find it just is a great, great thing to get you off to sleep. But I’d say my latest hobby is sort of looking after my lawn ’cause I want it to be the…

29:34 Brandon Billinger: Isn’t that every dad’s hobby?

29:37 Rob Ainbinder: I want it to be the most kick-ass lawn it can be. And so I’ve gone in deep. [chuckle] There’s something about me when I get a hold of a hobby, I usually go in pretty deep. I find out all I can about it, and then when I get to a level of proficiency that I’m pretty happy with then that’s a new skill and I might continue to build on it, or I might move on to something else. So I think… Yeah, in fact, I installed two in-ground Quick-Connect sprinklers in my yard this past week. One in my backyard and one in the front of my front yard on the side, and I need to get another one to completely cover the front yard because the heat is already murder on the grass here in North Carolina with a week of almost week of 90 plus degrees. My cool season grass has taken a beating but I’ve been doing some watering so that it doesn’t completely die and then I don’t completely lose everything that I invested in in the fall or in the spring. The spring and the fall, both but… So those are my hobbies. When did you start blogging?

31:09 Brandon Billinger: Oh, wow, I’d say that would have been about 10 years ago… No, not 10. It’s coming up on 10, but it’s been about… I started blogging about nine years ago. I started out as a… It was really just kind of the way they write about being a dad and that. At the time I didn’t even realize that Dad Blogger was even a term that people used. I’m not even sure people used it at that time, but over the course of those nine, 10 years, it has become more relevant and stuff to be a dad-blogger. But yeah, so that’s when I started, and I’ve always wrote about just being a dad and those little moments that we share with our kids and everything. So yeah, what about you? When did you start and what do you write about?

32:03 Rob Ainbinder: Well, I started in 2003, around the time that my teenager was born and like you, they were little short glimpses, they weren’t even compared to my latest posts. My first post maybe clocked in at less than 100 words and [chuckle] in fact, my first post was something to the effect that, “This guy and this guy started blogging so I might as well start. And I’ll only write when I have something interesting to say.” And I think that still rings pretty true. I was a dad with a blog before I was a dad blogger. And came to this idea of dad blogger, male influencer later in that journey, in that writing journey. And I typically write things about my family, tech that I’m experimenting with, maybe cars that I got to test drive and then any home improvement projects that I take on. So, it’s kind of a deposit for those kinds of things, not just one thing about my family but certain other projects that I undertake or things that we experience.

33:48 Brandon Billinger: Right, nice.

33:51 Rob Ainbinder: Thanks.

33:52 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, and we’ll have a link to both of our blogs, Rob’s Digital Dad and the Rookie Dad in our show notes for you guys all to check out, our four listeners, they probably already know. They probably already know about our blogs anyway.

34:05 Rob Ainbinder: Well, yes. There’s two of the listeners, those are actually us, I think we do know where those go. Yeah, those links go. Yeah, I think so.

34:14 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, yeah, yeah. [laughter] But anyway, we’ve got some more questions, all about us questions that we will get into further in or deeper into the episodes of the Dad Huddle podcast. And before we end this episode of the Dad huddle podcast, we’d like to wish everybody or all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day.

34:38 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, happy…

34:39 Brandon Billinger: That’s coming up next week. Yeah, Rob.

34:41 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah.

34:41 Brandon Billinger: Happy Father’s day man.

34:43 Rob Ainbinder: Thanks, man. Happy Father’s day to you and all the dads out there.

34:47 Brandon Billinger: You can visit our website. We’ve got a website, dadhuddle.com. You can listen to us on Google podcast, Stitcher, Spotify. We are working on Apple iTunes. I say we are working on it because Apple, in their grand genius plan, is making it difficult for us to get on there and I can’t exactly tell you why, but we’re working on it. And as soon as we are able to or as soon as we get up there, you’ll see it on social media. That is, if you follow us on social media. We’re on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Just search for the handle, dadhuddle, all one word. D-A-D-H-U-D-D-L-E, and you’ll be able to get a hold of us on there or if you have any feedback for us from those four listeners.


35:40 Rob Ainbinder: I’m firing up my email client right now.

35:43 Brandon Billinger: There you go, yeah. You can email us at dadhuddle, all one word, @gmail.com. That’s dadhuddle@gmail.com. Yeah, so Rob this has been a great… I’d call it a sophomore episode. Hopefully it’s not a sophomore slump like it happens. [laughter] Like, some rookies. I’m trying to look at myself in the mirror and I don’t have a mirror here. But since I’m still considering myself a rookie, but yeah, so it’s been a great sophomore episode.

36:15 Rob Ainbinder: Yeah, excellent second episode. Glad we could do it.

36:19 Brandon Billinger: Yeah, and I hope you stay tuned in a couple of weeks when we come out with our third episode. I’ll have to figure out, is that our junior episode? I don’t know. We’ll get that figured it out before it comes out. So, thanks for listening and we’ll see you on the next one.


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  1. Loved the second episode! Proud to count myself as one of your four inaugural listeners. 🙂 Looking forward to more talk about outdoor cooking. And dating stories.

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