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In this episode of the Dad Huddle we talk all things travel from traveling with kids to things we did well and things we failed at. We also include our personal Rules of the Road. Enjoy!

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Rob Ainbinder 4:15:  Amtrak eliminates dining car on many trains.


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Rob Ainbinder 0:02
Oh, what’s this thingy here you’re calling it? A podcast? What’s that? Podcast? those on the interwebs?

You are in the dad huddle, the show where we invite you to join us in improving the playbook on fatherhood. I’m your co host Rob Ainbinder Digital dad, father to one teenager. And you’re joined in the huddle by my co host, Brandon Billinger. The Rookie Dad, father of two kids, ages three and eight.

Brandon Billinger 0:34
That’s right. And for this episode, we thought we talked to you a little bit about some of the we talk all things travel, tips, tricks, hacks, fails, even because we all have traveling with be a little bit a little bit appropriate to mix. Throw that in the in the mix, right, Rob?

Rob Ainbinder 0:56
Absolutely. Sounds like a great, great topic for this time of year.

Brandon Billinger 1:01
I know I failed. I fail all the time.

Rob Ainbinder 1:03
I have a very specific fail. Yeah. I just thought of one.

Brandon Billinger 1:10
We’ll save that. We’ll save that

Rob Ainbinder 1:12
Save those for last. Exactly.

Brandon Billinger 1:14
Exactly. We we don’t want people to think that we’re incapable of traveling with our kids.

Rob Ainbinder 1:20
Not falling into that fallacy of the incapable Father.

Brandon Billinger 1:24
there you go, right.

Rob Ainbinder 1:27
Dads that fail at traveling. A new motion picture.

Brandon Billinger 1:32
But yeah, so I mean, I really enjoy traveling. Honestly, I and I, I’ve traveled in with my family in multiple ways. I’ve traveled by air travel by car car being the most popular that we choose. We also really enjoy traveling by train. Which one? Yeah, there’s a train that goes from Kansas City to St. Louis, that we’ve taken a couple of times and tell you what that is one of the most convenient ways to travel to be absolutely yeah,

Rob Ainbinder 1:58
yeah. We we took train from Greensboro, North Carolina to Raleigh. That was a nice little trip and, and prior to that decades previous to that we took the train from New Jersey to Boston, trips like that, really, it’s a neat way to travel by train.

Brandon Billinger 2:16
It is a very relaxing way to

Rob Ainbinder 2:19
it is very low stress.

Brandon Billinger 2:21
The last time I took it, I had I took business class because I was taking a an influencer trip to St. Louis. And I took business class and on my way back, I had the entire business class section to myself.

Rob Ainbinder 2:36

Brandon Billinger 2:36
Yeah, it was awesome. I like but I’m like laying back and I’m like, Yeah, I got this. What do you do and you have the entire business class of Amtrack to yourself.

Rob Ainbinder 2:50
That’s awesome.

Brandon Billinger 2:51

Rob Ainbinder 2:52
Yeah. I will say I’m traveling by train. It’s a different pace.

Brandon Billinger 2:57
Oh, yeah. Oh yeah.

Rob Ainbinder 2:59
You have to account for time with that… can’t be in a huge hurry

Brandon Billinger 3:04
Well, and yeah, and they’re always there. If they say they’re going to be there, or you know, wherever or if your destination at a certain time, take into account there’s going to be delays more more likely than you would be flying. Yeah, yeah. I mean, different pace is a much, much different pace. Everything moves a little bit slower. But it is it’s always fun to see the country go by it. So

Rob Ainbinder 3:28
I mean, I mean, people for hundreds of years traveled by train. So in some ways, you’re kind of stepping back into that time. Things are just just like you said a little bit slower. You get to see more of the country and that’s part of the goal and I think you know, if you’re trying to up the experience level, a train is a really easy way to kind of add experience to a trip. Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Brandon Billinger 3:59
And it’s Always nice because you’re able to get up you’re able to walk to you know a cafe car whatever and kind of you know that you’re not stuck in your you know in a plane you’re stuck in your seat for that for the entire time,

Rob Ainbinder 4:10
but I guess a half at the cafe cars undergoing this huge change

Brandon Billinger 4:15
is it?

Rob Ainbinder 4:15
Yeah I read an article a couple months ago and we’ll link to that in the show notes. But yeah, they are in in reaction to the newest wave of travellers their preferences. They are now getting rid of the the table, the tablecloth, the seated dinner, the dinner car is going to evolve into I guess more of a cafe format where passengers can take to go meals with them back to their cars.

Brandon Billinger 4:49
this nice

Rob Ainbinder 4:50
private cars because I guess the travelers that are just becoming familiar with the trains now that are of traveling age don’t wish to have communal dining experiences their preferences are different

Brandon Billinger 5:06
Right. See, and I did that one time I wrote a train down to see one of my good friends in college when I’m he lived down in New Mexico. I took it from Wichita down to I can’t remeber…. Santa Fe? And ate in the dining car a couple times. And I met this great and wonderful family. And I was traveling alone. So yeah, so I so I was able to sit with this other. I was, basically you’re free at that time, you were forced to sit with somebody because they can accommodate, you know, just one person sitting at a table for four.

Rob Ainbinder 5:37

Brandon Billinger 5:38
Because they’ve got limited space. So I met this I met this single mom and she had her kid with her and like he and I hit it off. So so like yeah, so like the entire trip. I mean, we hung out in the observation car and just like talked and had fun. And I mean it was I mean it was a blast. I thought that was probably one of the best experiences that you could have when you’re traveling. So

Rob Ainbinder 6:01
absolutely, yeah, yeah. When I read the article I was I was kind of, you know, honestly, I was a bit sad.

Brandon Billinger 6:09

Rob Ainbinder 6:09
because I thought that that was a real highlight of the experience of traveling is doing and meeting but I guess the Amtrak’s market research revealed something else about these these other travelers, these younger travelers.

Brandon Billinger 6:26
And I can see that and you can kind of take it to when you’re traveling by plane. You never know who’s going to be sitting next to you. So I mean, I wish they would keep it and I kind of hope they at least keep some aspect of it as they move forward. And like I said, I haven’t seen I haven’t seen the article. I’ll be interested to certainly read that. Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah, that’ll be interesting. I’m glad to see that they’re involved evolving with the times though.

Rob Ainbinder 6:50
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. They’re definitely evolving with the times and they even an article it was this photo of this. This mother and the son who had taking multiple trips and you know that that whole thing about the dining car changing and and, and they weren’t really thrilled that that was happening because they like you got a lot of rich experiences from it but yet they’re changing with the times and travels. Travel is evolving for sure. Yeah, that’s you know, I think the trips I took were just date day trips, they weren’t like multi day trip. So I never got kind of a overnight sort of experience with a train but I’m certainly I you know, traveling by car. I’ve had all sorts

Brandon Billinger 7:43
everyone does.

Rob Ainbinder 7:45
You know, we’ve we’ve experimented with when to leave, right? When’s a good time to leave and, um, first we started late at night. That didn’t work. We Got to about 1112 o’clock at night, we hit this wall. We’re just looking for the next place to lay our heads down. Right, just looking. So after that experience we started leaving early morning, like three 4am 4am then by the time you know 889 hours go by your it’s afternoon you know, and and you’re almost to your desk destination least on the East Coast, right? Um, and and that work better for us. But I will say not every trip is without its hiccups. Right.

Brandon Billinger 8:45
Right. So and I also think when you when you’re traveling with little ones the other thing to take into consideration especially when you’re driving or driving or traveling by car, is there nap times, as well? Absolutely. I know. We will. Always try and hit, we would try and leave right at a nap time. So that way we could at least get a good three or four hours down the road, depending on how far destination was. Right? So we so we would always try and hit hit right at nap time. That would be right around like one or two o’clock in the afternoon. Okay, so that gave us a good enough time to get down the road. And we could stop grab a bite to eat and the kids would still be refreshed for what however long or how much longer we had, which would usually be about two to three hours. Gotcha. Yeah, I mean, that was one of the things that we learned as we were traveling my car now. Now things are a little bit different because our Joseph our three year old doesn’t take naps as off or you know, doesn’t take naps as much. You know, where we have a little bit more freedom as to when we leave. So, okay.

Rob Ainbinder 9:51
Yeah, there was this one trip that we took from North Carolina to New Jersey to visit with my in laws and, and our daughter was really young. She was She was front facing in a car seat. And

I don’t know what happened. But we started smelling this odor.

And we traced it back to our daughter. She had. She had this explosion. Oh no. And we had to strip her down and strip the car seat cover. Oh, oh, it was so bad. It was so bad. She was still compliant because she was in the car seat, right? But we had to take the car seat cover off because it wasn’t no longer fit to be Oh, sitting on the right. How old? How old was she again? You know, she was front facing in a car seat. So maybe she was four five. Okay. Yeah,

Brandon Billinger 10:54
and that’s that’s that’s a that’s an added difficulty because she was probably potty trained at the time. Right? You Yeah,

Rob Ainbinder 11:00
and that’s in us kind of me. Yeah. So, but she would you know, she had make any noises

I don’t know I guess she was sleeping or something. No wonder that young they transition fairly easily and they don’t ours didn’t fuss all that much really so. So that was Yeah, that was one bad adventure right

I would say

definitely pack some media yep within the occupy themselves with that would be a tip and certainly

sir certainly the other thing would be a pack snacks.

Brandon Billinger 11:41
Yeah. Oh yeah, we pack a little cooler. We’ve gotten just like we pack a couple drinks in there pack some, you know, some snacks, some you know, cheese at crackers or juice boxes or grace or whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah and the media thing. Whenever we’re traveling, I pretty much we pretty much just throw whatever screentime out the window and just say you can have as much as you want as long as they’re not bothering us. Yeah, there was one time I think, William R. He was eight at the time. He did get sick in the backseat because he played it for too long. So there so that’s something to kind of keep in mind as your kids are playing on their screens or whatever, in the backseat. Yeah, sometimes they will. Sometimes they’ll get a little carsick. Maybe.

Rob Ainbinder 12:30
You know the other thing you know, we’re kind of in in mode. A lot of the country we’re in cooler weather kind of travel and even heading into some wintry mix and some snow in some places. So the other thing is is in winter weather travel is really to really to prepare and that is blankets, water, those kinds of things. To prepare it because if you get stuck in snow or you’re you have to pull off because of bad condition. Right? Right. Well, you need to be ready to hunker down a little bit.

Brandon Billinger 13:04
Right? Well on that and in don’t just necessarily look at how are your travel to your destination? also take into consideration your travel back as well. Yeah, kind of keep an eye on the weather. I know when you’re coming back. I know sometimes it can be hard to look at the weather forecast that far out. Yeah, but especially when you’re traveling in the winter. You never know what’s going to happen. I mean, something could come out of the blue you never know. Absolutely. Oh,

Rob Ainbinder 13:32
yeah, that’s certainly true. You know, it’s certainly easier when you’re heading point south. But if you do have to head head to points north, northeast, Northwest,

Brandon Billinger 13:44
I remember one Thanksgiving. It would have been probably I want to say Nine, eight or nine years ago. We were down and seeing my wife’s family and I had to work. I was working overnights at the time, so We need to get back up to camp. It was five o’clock at night or five o’clock in the evening. We needed to get back up. I didn’t my shift didn’t start until I think it was about. I won’t say about 11 o’clock. So we have time to get back, but we didn’t anticipate the weather.

Rob Ainbinder 14:15
Oh, really?

Brandon Billinger 14:16
Yeah. Okay, so here we in the greeting category is this and the fail. But yeah, so we took forever to come back. I mean, it took us twice as long to come back. So probably until like 910 o’clock. We didn’t get Kansas City because it’s about a two and a half hour road trip. So yeah, took us a little bit longer, but we can you know, we took it slow, like you should in you know, winter weather conditions. Yeah, but we made it back.

Rob Ainbinder 14:47
And traffic traffic is an issue too. I know. Heading up through kind of New Jersey, New York. It gets really congested. You know that whole 85 core. Or 95 corridor or even even point south through Atlanta, that gets jacked up. Yeah. So it’s, you kind of gotta if you can kind of plan for where the traffic occurs to try and maybe minimize your time in it. Because if you’re traveling by car then I’m sure Time is of the essence.

Brandon Billinger 15:29
Yeah. And I guess that’s kind of, you know, we live in how, you know, living in the Midwest, we don’t necessarily have to worry about that all too much. I mean, yes, there’s more cars on the road than than usual. Yeah, it doesn’t, you know, we’re all still going about the same speed, you know, so it doesn’t slow us down much too much at all, which is nice. So,

Rob Ainbinder 15:49
I guess the other thing is, if you’re traveling by air,

it’s not always in your control. Right. I got an email. Update just this week that I have a trip coming up next early next year for dad 2.0. They they cancel the flight I was on and rebooked me to a flight. That leaves later, right? Like five hours later. Oh, yeah. Okay.

Brandon Billinger 16:22
That’s a problem. So it depends on when you want to get there.

Rob Ainbinder 16:27
So I called the airline and they said, Well, you know, there’s a possibility that it could change again.

Yeah. Okay. What happened to my original flight? Was it canceled? Yes.


Brandon Billinger 16:45
You should have, you should be able to change your flight. I mean,

Rob Ainbinder 16:48
I could change my flight but right. But the challenge was, I guess the fact that I had I was on a nonstop flight. Oh, that’s right. Um, and that was my choice, you know, DC to, to my nearest city, Greensboro was a direct flight. And that’s kind of, it’s kind of rare. And that’s why I booked it. Right, which is probably why they canceled it. Because it’s rare, right?

Brandon Billinger 17:21
I had that happen one time, I think it was, Oh, yeah, it would have been for DC. What was it five years ago? I was flying from Kansas City to DC and on my way to the airport, my first my first the first leg of my flight from Kansas City to Chicago was can’t got canceled.

Rob Ainbinder 17:41
Or No.

Brandon Billinger 17:43
Yeah, it was it was the flight from Chicago from Kansas. No, from Chicago to DC. Because I guess there are so many Southwest at the time had so many flights from Southwest or from Chicago to DC. Yeah, that some there were certain ones that didn’t get booked quite a bit, I guess because there were so many of them. So they canceled that flight. And so I’m sitting on the bus from the parking garage to the terminal I changing my flight. Like, all right, I have to fly through Milwaukee down to get, you know, down to DC. So yeah, man.

Rob Ainbinder 18:16
Yeah, so yeah, you’re definitely not in control when it comes to airlines. You’re at the mercy of them

Brandon Billinger 18:22
at that point.

Rob Ainbinder 18:23
Any hacks, he’s the one hack I have. It’s frowned on by by the airlines and empty leg tickets. you booked you. So you book it, and it has a connecting flight.

Brandon Billinger 18:38
I’m laughing because I have a story. And

Rob Ainbinder 18:42
as soon as you’re done so you, you book it. And it has a connecting flight and actually the connecting the first stop where you make your connection is your ultimate destination. Now that’s a cheaper ticket, usually, and then the ticket direct to your destination.

Brandon Billinger 19:03
Right? And the airlines hate that.

Yeah, they absolutely hate that.

Yeah, I’ve heard to not do that all too often on airlines, and if you have rewards, miles with those particular lines, don’t redeem your reward miles. Don’t put your account on there because they can, you know, say you’re not going to get those miles or whatever thing. But I’m laughing because I actually I’ve actually used that trick when I went to see you rob back in August, right?

Yeah, yeah.

Rob Ainbinder 19:43
Yeah, I

Brandon Billinger 19:46
let’s see here. I had a flight from Kansas City to went from phyllida or can say to Philadelphia and then Philadelphia to Charlotte where I left off but the flight continued from Charlotte to Raleigh. That was cheaper than finding any nonstop flight from Kansas City to Charlotte. I have no couldn’t couldn’t explain it. Yeah, I can’t I can’t explain it. And I don’t know how I don’t know how the airlines, you know, do that can do that

Rob Ainbinder 20:17
tag by the airline right? Yes.

Brandon Billinger 20:18
Yep. I won’t say what airline I was on. No, I’m gonna say what airline? No, it’s not a normal airline I fly. So there’s so few of them now anyway, no.

Rob Ainbinder 20:30
So, yes, I don’t, you know, I guess the other the other hack is is kind of preparing for the the Unmentionable contingency that you are separated from your check baggage. So the whole goal of this is to prepare some clothes for you to wear in your carry on. So you want you aren’t jammed up. That’s it. One

Brandon Billinger 21:00
Yeah, since we’re talking about airlines, one of the one are flying. One of the tips or, you know, hacks that I do to especially to get through make make getting through security a little bit easier is before I even step in the security line, I empty all my pockets and take off all my metal stuff that’s going to set off the, you know, body scanners or metal detectors and I put them in my bag before I even stepped foot into the security line. It just makes things a little bit smoother.

Rob Ainbinder 21:30
Yeah, so actually bought some new shoes. That’s interesting.

And they’re going to help me in line because they they lace up but they have zip down the side. Nice. Unzip them, and I can get out of them really fast and easy. Yeah, verse can get back into them really? Right.

Brandon Billinger 21:50
That’s it. That’s the other thing is wearing shoes that you’re gonna be able to get in and out of really easily. Yeah, yeah, I’ve made the mistake of there was one time and I even knew this going in I’m like, okay, I like I had these Converse and chucks that I was wearing at the time. And they were the hardest things to get on and off, but yet I was like, All right, I’m gonna try it. I’m going to try going through security with them on. That was the worst experience I’ve had trying to get those things on and off and get through security in a timely fashion. So yeah, where are your shoes that are comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

Rob Ainbinder 22:25
Now what about traveling with kids? through the airport, I had this really horrible experience in TSA. Now this is circa probably 2004 2006 timeframe. But we we were taking the stroller through security and our daughter was in the carrier locked into the stroller. They wanted us to send the stroller in separately from our daughter through the through the Through the detector to the detector, yeah. And, and it became kind of a thing. Because we had to undo it all and then carrier through and then send send the stroller through the X ray machine or something stupid like that. And I remember we just got all kinds of twisted up about it. All kinds of twisted up. So I don’t know if things have gotten better now or if there’s a way to streamline it for parents or holders, your daughter at the time. Like I said she was probably, you know, infant, infant. Yeah. Okay, here. Yeah. So this is somewhere 2004 through 2006 timeframe.

Brandon Billinger 23:45
Yeah, I’m trying to think of something or you know, a way that would make that a little bit easier. The only time I’ve traveled by air with my son, or with my oldest William, we were on a flight to Baltimore and We I mean, I guess we didn’t really have a problem because we took our cart our car seat with us, and it’s all good. But we didn’t have a carrier at the time. I know that they make they are making more travel friendly. Travel, like stroller carrier systems. Alright, so let’s let’s kind of let’s talk about our fails. I talked to talked about one with my about my me. So let’s talk about our fails. I’m Rob, you said you had one in particular. So I’m gonna let you go first. Yeah. So I can beat you.

Rob Ainbinder 24:34
So part of it was that that poopies carseat. One. That was that was one home. The other one was when the DVD player crashed. Oh, and he just can’t anticipate that, right. It just ate the big one. It just got to an age that it just it crapped out on us, Mitch Tripps just stated of that. I’m dating myself obviously DVDs but technology Really? Yeah. has a has a lifespan and and if you you know, if you’re in your you know, you’re in your 10th year with your iPad two, it might be time to Yeah, you know, revisit the tech because it might bail on you the at a really bad time.

Brandon Billinger 25:34
Yeah and that and that you begin to add some advice that you can always make sure that your your whatever technology you are taking with you whether a tablet phone or whatever, make sure they’re charged. I know they make charges for the foot for your car, but yeah, make sure it was charged. Start off with them charged. Yeah, yep. And bring some backup batteries. Yes, yeah. Might not be somewhere. You can those Charge those battery packs that they make. I have. I have one I have one that is all is always in, in my gear in my in even just in my backpack that I take with me every single day. It’s Yes, I keep one with me at all times.

Rob Ainbinder 26:14
And that’s a great great hack for if you’re stuck in your car overnight. You can use that battery pack alone in different ways. Yeah. To help you out. Yep.

Brandon Billinger 26:27
Yep. Alright, so my fail would have been I want to say two years ago. We were on our way back from Thanksgiving. from seeing my my wife’s family and before we were even able to get out of town we were involved in an accident and a three car accident. Oh man, the car behind the car behind us came right up on us nailed us and I you know I went straight into the car in front of us. Well, I made the decision to after we’ve done the police report and everything and we still had about a two and a half two and a half hour drive back I made the decision I’m like all right let’s just go let’s just get back to Kansas City let’s let’s I think we can make it I’m not too worried about it will come to find out when we got back after we had our car you know Ever After the insurance companies looked at our car and all that they found out it was totaled and there was a prob there was a there was a problem with our front driver side tire like it was off alignment and it was the it just wouldn’t stay aired up. We were lucky we made it back so yeah, but if I looking back at it I probably would have done that I probably would have my father in law for dust offered us you know car to take back if we needed to but I was like no I we really just want I really want to have the car with us upset, you know up in Kansas City so we can get this take all this taken care of. Yeah, yeah. So that’s that’s probably one My biggest failings and not you know, looking back, like I said, looking back on it, I feel like you know, driving back now that I think about it, you know, I wasn’t keeping my family safe. So that’s kind of by doing doing that. So if you’re ever involved in something like that, be safe about it. And you know if if you don’t think that you’re if you have any inkling that your car is not going to be safe, don’t don’t use it.

Rob Ainbinder 28:28
Yeah, so good point. Yeah, great point.

Brandon Billinger 28:31
Yeah, it’s it was an unfortunate time for us to get there and accidents until was you know, thanksgiving but you know, we look back on it and was able to get a bigger car, so that’s

Rob Ainbinder 28:39

Brandon Billinger 28:41
We were We were in a, we were in a Toyota Prius. Then there’s four of us.

Rob Ainbinder 28:48
That is nothing else the Toyota Prius for peace.

And a dog. You just went over the line. Oh, I know.

Brandon Billinger 28:59
The dog was sick. On the floorboard, underneath Joseph’s feet, and we would load up. I mean, we would load up as much as we could in the truck. And that you know, I mean, it’s a Prius it doesn’t have a whole lot of space. So I mean, in a way that that that accident was a blessing in disguise because yeah, we’ve we’ve upgraded to a Ford Edge. Yeah, I can definitely say and now and now we got a cargo carrier to go with it. So we every time you travel for the holidays, we you know, put that thing on there. And you know, just go Yeah, and now now my mother in law’s like, Oh, you can take all this a phone when I’m like, Oh, no. You’re too big of a car.

Rob Ainbinder 29:41
I need that space. And I have all this stuff for you.

Brandon Billinger 29:47
Yeah, I’m

Rob Ainbinder 29:50
gonna take this, sweetie.

Brandon Billinger 29:55
Mom. All right. You got some pastries here for you in the boys. Well, we will Okay, we can eat those on the way home.

I’m okay with that.

But taking your uncle’s collectibles on his medals now, Mom, I’m gonna pass

Rob Ainbinder 30:17
be sad I’m telling you he’s gonna be

Brandon Billinger 30:22
maybe my sister will take those.

Rob Ainbinder 30:24
There we go.

Brandon Billinger 30:31
Mommy says

Rob Ainbinder 30:37
got a gingerbread here for you to gingerbread.

Brandon Billinger 30:42
We’re talking a gingerbread latte from Starbucks fruitcake. Oh, I don’t I don’t know that my cargo carry my cargo carrier can only hold 500 pounds mom. I don’t know that it’s going to be able to hold that.

Rob Ainbinder 30:56
Oh, it’s a wonderful fruitcake brand. Gotta take

Brandon Billinger 31:02
this is fun out of control now.

But yeah, so so so we’re talking about tips, tricks and hacks and fail while we’re traveling and I feel like this podcast has just become a

Rob Ainbinder 31:24
Oh, what’s this thing? You’re calling it? a podcast?

Brandon Billinger 31:28
It’s a podcast Mom, what’s what’s that?

Rob Ainbinder 31:32
podcast? Those on the interwebs

Brandon Billinger 31:36
so yeah tips, tricks and hacks and fails while we’re while we’re traveling. Rob, do you have any final advice or stories from traveling that you want us one to one to talk about?

Rob Ainbinder 31:53
It always worked out best if somebody was in charge of navigation. separately from driving. That always seemed to work really well.

Brandon Billinger 32:05
Yeah. This also brings up another point and I posted this on my Facebook page, just recently. So we so we can let so we’ll link to that and in the show notes, and you can go down and comment on this. But what are your unwritten rules of the road? So nice?

Rob Ainbinder 32:26

Brandon Billinger 32:27
So say, say you’re you’re driving, you’re driving. What are your rules inside the car while you’re driving? So mine are I always for some reason, I have to have that couple of our cup holders said basically north and south parallel with our gearshift. Yep. So I always have to have the cup holder that is nearest to the armrest because that’s where my you know, that’s where my right to be. So I wanted I want to be able to have easy access to, to to whatever

Rob Ainbinder 33:00
Exactly the same and if you have to have that, that cupholder nearest the armrest.

Brandon Billinger 33:11
Yeah. The other one for me I have two other ones. The other one is when the kids are playing on their devices they need to have headphones on.

Rob Ainbinder 33:21
Amen to that.

Brandon Billinger 33:23
As much as I want to hear the Netflix shows that they have downloaded. I don’t I don’t want to hear it. There’s other things I’d rather be listening to like say our podcast as I’m driving down.

Rob Ainbinder 33:37
Thanks for that.

Your listener number one or two? I think so. That’s always appreciated.

Brandon Billinger 33:45
yeah. So and that and that leads into my third rule is that since if I’m driving, I have control of the radio. I get to listen to whatever I want to know. Yeah, those are those are my three rules of the road.

Yeah. So what about you? Do you have any unwritten rules that as your as you’re traveling with with with your daughter,

Rob Ainbinder 34:07
if I’m near a maintenance interval like oil change? I’ll get my oil changed. Like if I’m you know, within 1000 miles of or 500 miles of old I’ll get my oil changed. In fact I just got my oil change

Brandon Billinger 34:25
we are yeah we’re getting ready to take a big road trip here in the next couple days and I am Yeah, I’ll be getting my my oil changed in our in our car tomorrow to be prepared for the other weird weird thing that I have when I travel for some reason is I also have to wash my car. And I also have to vacuum out the car to get nice and clean. I have no idea why I have this like OCD thing to do this. It’s weird. But I think I think a lot of it has to do with you start fresh. You start this road trip. Yeah, brush and clean and then all of a sudden, you know, five miles down the road. There’s 30 French fries all of a sudden spill down on the floorboard?

Rob Ainbinder 35:02
The other thing about when I take a long road trip? I like to wear sneakers to drive? Yeah. It’s just the unwritten thing that I do. I wear sneakers when I drive long distances. It’s just it’s just more comfortable.

Brandon Billinger 35:18

Rob Ainbinder 35:18
And I feel like I have better contact with the pedals and taking the level deeper. I’ve I’ve looked at Formula One racecar drivers and they were something like a sneaker. Yeah, something to that and and NASCAR guys, they

Brandon Billinger 35:32

Rob Ainbinder 35:33
Something like a sneaker so I’m justified

Brandon Billinger 35:37
Yeah, there you go. So you can totally drive you know, 150 hundred and 60 miles down the interstate.

Rob Ainbinder 35:44
And I’m not gonna drive 150 in my Ford Explorer, down the interststate

Brandon Billinger 35:51
And FYI, this podcast is not sponsored by Ford, since you’d mentioned to just throw that out there.

Rob Ainbinder 36:00
other cars I’ve owned include Kia. We’ve mentioned Toyota. Yeah, yeah.

I’ve owned a Chevy. There you go Buick.

Yeah, there you go.

Any other brands with

Brandon Billinger 36:16
Honda, I’ve driven Honda.

Rob Ainbinder 36:19

Brandon Billinger 36:19
yeah, so

Rob Ainbinder 36:21
So this podcast brought to you by Honda.

Brandon Billinger 36:23
I think the one we haven’t mentioned is Subaru

Rob Ainbinder 36:26
yep never had a Subaru.

Brandon Billinger 36:28
never had a Subaru either thought about it. They have a they have a they have a third row vehicle now that I’m looking at that I’m really looking into

Rob Ainbinder 36:35

Brandon Billinger 36:36
yeah, they got rid of they had one a few years back and now they suddenly have come out with another third row yeah

Rob Ainbinder 36:42
you’re looking at third row vehicles, looking to switch down to to two row vehicles.

Brandon Billinger 36:50
Tell you what that Ford Edge? We we absolutely love it.

Rob Ainbinder 36:54
No, I mean like like a Kia a Stinger. Oh yeah. Toyota Supra.

Brandon Billinger 37:02
I haven’t seen that one. I’ve driven a Stinger. No, I’ve I’ve driven that Kia stinger. Beauty.

Rob Ainbinder 37:09
Yeah, yeah, I got a ride in that Kia Stinger. It’s pretty it is sweet. Yeah,

Brandon Billinger 37:14
it passted the Costco test, by the way, so you can take it to Costco and load up. Load the trunk up. According to according to the Kia folks.

Rob Ainbinder 37:23
Good to know.

Brandon Billinger 37:24

Rob Ainbinder 37:24
All right.

Brandon Billinger 37:25

Rob Ainbinder 37:26

So this has been our podcast episode. All things travel.

Brandon Billinger 37:32
Yeah. We hope you We hope you learn something along the way. And like I said, if we have if you have anything, you know, any other tips, tricks, tricks, or hacks, you know, post it to us on social media will be happy to engage with you on all of that. So yeah, so yeah, Rob, it’s been fun talking about talking about this with you.

Rob Ainbinder 37:52
Yeah. been fun talking talking to you, Brandon.

Brandon Billinger 37:54
Yeah, yeah. So in our next episode, we we have a special guests coming on and we’re gonna be talking budgeting.

Rob Ainbinder 38:03
Yeah, we’re gonna be talking budgeting and money management.

Brandon Billinger 38:06
Yeah. Because I think that’s that. That’s a difficult thing for a lot of families and just a mean to kind of grasp and you know, take take hold of, at any time of the year. So yeah, we have a guest. I think his name is…… Rob, His name is Grayson, And is that correct?

Grayson Stavely Grason Stalvey Financial.

Yeah, we’re looking forward to having him on.

Rob Ainbinder 38:32

Brandon Billinger 38:33
Yeah. So he’ll talk all things budgeting so yeah, so stay tuned for the next episode of the dad huddle.

You have been listening to the dad huddle podcast. We know that you love what you hear inside the dad huddle. So be sure to hit that subscribe button and give us a review on iTunes, Google podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your podcast. And be sure to head over to our website dad huddle calm to find out how to reach us Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for listening.

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