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Chris Lewis  0:01  As our children get older with the technology being what it is, it’s making sure that as they were young, you build that, that that tight, cohesive bond with them because as they get into their teenage years, they start to pull away. And that’s something that I think that all of us understand in some aspect because we were all teenagers at one point.

Brandon Billinger  0:27  Hello and welcome to the Dad Huddle Podcast. I am your co-host Brandon Billinger sitting in the other chair somewhere in the USA Today is my friend Rob Ainbinder. How you doing my man? 

Rob Ainbinder  0:38  Hey Brandon doing good man. How you doing? 

Brandon Billinger  0:42  I’m doing all right doing all right it’s a nice like I said we’re I think I said in that last episode where tonight’s fall evening it’s that way today was in the 70s just got out there just pulled a pork tenderloin couple of them off the grill actually and it was phenomenal, phenomenal stuff. Awesome man. 

Rob Ainbinder  1:01  Yeah, so I’m really excited about the episode. 

Brandon Billinger  1:06  Yeah, me too. 

Rob Ainbinder  1:07  first guest 

Brandon Billinger  1:08  dude that is that’s like when you know you’ve made it as a podcast is that what I’ve heard?

Rob Ainbinder  1:16  Yeah. So we’ve made it we’re all ofickle and stuff.

Brandon Billinger  1:20  That’s right. We’re going to be trending on iTunes, right? Yeah.

Rob Ainbinder  1:24  Trending on iTunes with our first guest.

Brandon Billinger  1:26  Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, we wanted to. Rob you have your daughter right?

Rob Ainbinder  1:35  Yep. Just a teenage daughter. Yeah,

Brandon Billinger  1:38  I shouldn’t I should know that 

Rob Ainbinder  1:40  One and done, famous for saying that.

Brandon Billinger  1:44  right. Hopefully she’s not a college one and done right. Maybe that’s a topic for another episode. 

Rob Ainbinder  1:52  Yeah, let’s shelve that for another episode.

Brandon Billinger  1:57  But yeah, so I mean with you having a daughter, we wanted to talk a little bit about, you know what it’s like to raise a daughter. And we thought it was an important enough topic that we brought Chris Lewis on.

Rob Ainbinder  2:11  Yeah. Because he’s like, he’s the dad with many daughters. 

Brandon Billinger  2:16  yeah, he he has like, I think, what is it, three of them? I think he’ll tell he’ll tell us in the interview.

Rob Ainbinder  2:22  And I’m looking forward to learning more about it because he is the preeminent dad with daughters authority by no question. 

Brandon Billinger  2:30  Right, exactly. And he’s got he’s got a phenomenal group that I’m sure we’ll talk about in the interview on Facebook. So you learn about all about that. You know, and so let’s let’s not chitchat around it anymore, and let’s get right into it. Let’s bring in Chris Lewis into the Dad Huddle. We are excited to have Chris Lewis here on The Dad Huddle today. How are you doing, Chris?

Chris Lewis  3:02  Great. How are you guys?

Brandon Billinger  3:05  Oh, we’re hanging in there. Just another wonderful fall evening here in Midwest in the Midwest. What about you, Rob?

Rob Ainbinder  3:12  Yeah, it’s definitely fall-like here today. Glad you could join us tonight Chris.

Chris Lewis  3:18  It is my pleasure. I always love talking to you guys. You know, it’s like we don’t get to hang out in person but the through the magic of the airwaves, we can definitely do it at any time. 

Brandon Billinger  3:30  Right, right. Yeah. And when I remember meeting you for the first time and maybe it wasn’t that I met you maybe it was it had to have been online, obviously. You know, you were you’re big in the still are big in the blogging community. Tell us a little bit about how you got involved in that. And then you also have kind of a cool Facebook group that you have and kind of give us the history behind that a little bit.

Chris Lewis  3:51  Sure thing I started blogging in my blog called Dad of Divas. I started blogging in 2007. So I guess I have to say, I’m one of the OG’s of that, that are still actually blogging because there’s a lot of the guys that when I started, they’re just not blogging anymore. So because life changes, and you know, your priorities change, and but but you know, I started that blog right before my youngest daughter was born. And I did it because I was seeing a lot of friends of mine that were moms that were telling their story that were kind of keeping a journal, doing some doing something to be able to capture some of the moments with their kids. And I really wanted to do that myself. It was kind of cathartic for me being able to put something on paper, not paper, but on the web. And it was a something that I had to learn about because I didn’t know a lot about about blogging, I didn’t know a lot about websites, I had to teach myself along the way. And as things went on, you know, I have to say that the the the the World of dad blogging has changed over the years. You know, it’s been 11 and a half years since I’ve started now about almost 12 years. And back then it was very, very, very much so that you were to write you weren’t to, to talk about products, you weren’t to do anything. If you were a dad blogger, it was to be completely organic and completely about your kid and mom, bloggers, that was okay. They could they could do what they wanted to in regards to talking about products and monetizing and things like that and really helping businesses. But if you did that, as a dad, blogger, it was really frowned upon and looked down upon and as as both of you know, I mean, things have changed. 

Rob Ainbinder  5:44  Yeah

Chris Lewis  5:44  And, you know, we we have a the ability to keep telling the story and bringing the stories out of other dads and about fatherhood and the importance of fatherhood that now but at the same time, there is the ability for dad to be in the game as well to be able to work with products and to talk to brands and to be able to bring out great products for other dads and and share our experiences with different things to be able to monetize in some aspects and to be able to allow for us to bring some income in for the kind of the the side passions that we have. So, so in a roundabout way, I mean, that’s kind of where Dad of Divas came from. So Dad of Divas was really just the journey of my own experiences along the way with my two girls, because now they are 15 and 11 and a half. So it’s it’s been a long journey with them and my youngest one I’ve been writing since she was born so so it’s it’s it’s definitely been fun. And now, Brandon, you would ask me though about the dads with daughters Facebook group and in that Facebook group. I actually I started it right after the Dad 2.0 summit that I know both of you have been to before. It’s a great conference. And I continue to go back every year because I always get things out of it. But it’s also a great opportunity for us to be able to connect with one another, learn from one another and grow from one another. And for me, I went in 2018, and Facebook was there. And in 2018, there was a they were really talking a lot about Facebook Live at that point. But they also talked a lot about building community. And I felt to myself that, you know, I get comments here and there and some people comment on social media. And I, you know, I sometimes get dads but I also get a lot of moms. And but I never really felt like I had built a true community of dads with daughters. And I said, Well, why don’t I just try it? You know, why don’t I just put a group together and see what I can get. So I after that conference, or actually, I think during the conference, I decided to just put something together and I think I invited every guy that was at Dad 2,0 that had a daughter, at least that I knew of, to join. 

Rob Ainbinder  8:03  Right

Chris Lewis  8:03  And organically, it just started growing, didn’t do anything special. You know, I think a lot of people started inviting their friends or telling other people, and then it kept growing and growing. And one of the really cool things that happened with the group, though, is that in February of this year, we got contacted by Facebook and Facebook said, we’re putting together a campaign, a campaign to, to boost Facebook groups and to talk about Facebook groups and the importance and power of Facebook groups. And we want your group to be a part of that. 

Brandon Billinger  8:40  Awesome

Rob Ainbinder  8:41  Yeah, it is really awesome.

Chris Lewis  8:43  To be honest. I think Brian Anderson, is my co administrator in the group. And Brian and I think both thought it was spam at first. We were kind of like, is this really true? You don’t know who you are. But, but we took the chance and we talked to him. And it was legit. And they actually brought Brian and his daughter and myself and my two daughters out to New York City in March for a Yankees game where we were we filmed the commercial. And many people have seen the commercial out on the airwaves. And that commercial itself, I mean, it’s just blown the whole community up. It went started. It went live in May of 20. of this year 2019. And at that point, I think we were somewhere between nine and 10,000. Members. And to date, we are almost at 70,000.

Brandon Billinger  9:41  Wow, 

Rob Ainbinder  9:41  wow. 

Brandon Billinger  9:43  That is amazing. That is incredible. I’ve seen that commercial and I you know, even though I don’t have two sons, I still get teary at it because I’m always I’m always a sucker for seeing dad’s involved in any way, shape, or form. I think that’s and I think it’s I think it’s awesome that they involved the Yankees and the Mets as well. I thought that was really, really good and that you see the two fan bases getting along that, you know like that. That’s pretty cool.

Chris Lewis  10:12  Well, I’m going to give you a little insider baseball here because we were actually at a Yankees game. And it wasn’t a Yankee. It was the Mets were not there. So we so anybody that anybody that was that was filming that showed a Mets game without the Yankees game, so I I know that some of the when we were walking up to the stadium, Brian was in a Mets jersey and his daughter was in a Mets jersey. I was in Yankee jersey, and my daughters were too and Brian and his daughter kept getting these weird looks and even some interesting comments about about what the heck you know, why are you Why are you wearing that stuff? You know, you’re at a Yankees game. And I’m sure that I’m sure that the the the gentleman that was in the commercial with his daughter and the people around him that were extras and in the commercial for your For the Mets aspect probably got some strange looks too, because of that. So it was getting some insider insider scoop on that commercial, but it was a lot of fun. You know, I’d never been to to Yankee Stadium. And it was it was a just a great day and a great opportunity to be able to be a part of it. 

Brandon Billinger  11:18  That’s awesome. 

Rob Ainbinder  11:19  That’s great. When I first saw it, I was like, Chris, you’re so lucky.

Chris Lewis  11:30  I have to say that we feel blessed because I mean, it was we we searched out it was not something we asked for just that they somehow selected us out of the blue, and they actually had selected a mom’s group at the same time. So there was a mom’s group and a dad’s group they selected and, and it went from there. And they’ve they’ve offered great support for us along the way. They because they knew that there was going to be a tremendous growth based on the commercial base, and though we are at 70,000 I mean, there is this ebb and flow of people that join they should they, they, they may leave a more people join. So, I mean, if everyone that had joined at state we probably be over 100,000. But, but there’s, there’s an ebb and flow. And as you get into these you because you have this large, large community with about you come to find is you’ve got to have kind of a tribe with you along the way. And we’ve got a great team of moderators that are from the US, Canada, the UK, and we’ve got about I think it’s about 25 moderators right now. And yeah, and you have to have it, because, 

Rob Ainbinder  12:40  Yeah. 

Chris Lewis  12:41  To keep the community standards alive, you have to be on top of it. And otherwise, people break rules and you know, and it’s, and you’re trying to keep it a safe space for everybody. 

Brandon Billinger  12:55  Cool. Yeah.So without, you know, I mean, obviously not giving too much away, but like What are some of the conversations that you have within the group?

Chris Lewis  13:04  You know, there were, that’s one of the things that’s so amazing with this group is that it ranges from dads that are talking about their child that may have cancer to dads that are struggling with mental health issues or depression, depression to dads that are just proud of their daughter, their daughter accomplish something and it’s so the whole community is for dads with daughters, so that you know, the one the one first question that we always ask is, are you a dad with a daughter? And they have to answer yes. And and they have to agree to our rules. Because, you know, we have to we’ve we’ve set up some some specific standards within the community to make sure that you know, we don’t go down these rabbit holes because as as I’m sure Rob you can attest I mean as as you just open it up, it opens up a can of stuff for people to be able to just start to talk about a lot of different things and things that you may not want the community to be I, when we started this group, it was all about the dad daughter experience. And sometimes, you know, it’s challenging because when you have almost 70,000 people in this group, what you find is, not only is there 70,000 people that are from every walk of life, from all over the world that are coming together, that have different cultures, values, mores, beliefs, that are all coming together. And they don’t all align. So the common common bond that we have is that we all have dads with their we’re all dads with daughters, but because we all come from different walks of life, sometimes there are definite challenges there in the fact that we don’t always agree and it’s okay to not not agree but we but as a group, administrater. You know, and as a moderation team, we try to make sure that people are kind to one another, that they treat people with respect. So that down the road and as we’re having these conversations, feel people feel free, to be able to be open, to be honest, and to share what’s on their heart.

Rob Ainbinder  15:24  That respect one is is a huge one, because in those statements those people make online, if it’s not there, then it’s almost your responsibility to take some action as an admin or moderator. You know, it’s because it it creates this  hole that’s felt by the person receiving it. And it’s, it’s kind of interesting, I’ve, you know, there’s this Jewish holiday and we kind of reflect and repent this time of year. Specific starting tonight, sundown to tomorrow. And it’s I find its interwoven with this, these words that we say or type in behind the keyboard, they can hurt just as easily as something spoken in the context of a trusted group. So, you know, your team, the team, I’m a part of, we have this, this responsibility to the members to uphold respect.

Chris Lewis  16:32  You know, and I completely agree with you, right? Because there are groups out there that don’t seem to do that. And they just let people come in and type in whatever they want. And, and there’s, there’s a place for that, right? And, but in our group, we’ve always said, you need to respect one another. You need to be kind and courteous to one another. And if you’re not going to be that we’re either get it we’re going to take your post down, we’re going to mute you If you continue to break the rules we’re going to make we’re going to take you out because we want this to be safe. We want people to be able to come in and talk and sometimes, you know, as administrators, you have to have tough skin. As a moderators, you have to have tough skin, because you’ll get, you’ll get called out on the floor and people saying that you’re, you’re crushing their first amendment rights and, you know, not not not letting them speak and things like that. But, you know, I tried to, to always be kind when I when when you respond back and just to say, look, you know, this is these are the rules that we have. We’ve set these in place to make sure that the entire community is safe. You know, it’s nothing against you. It’s about being consistent across the board.

Brandon Billinger  17:42  Right. 

Rob Ainbinder  17:42  Yeah, totally. 

Brandon Billinger  17:44  So, so and and Rob, you can kind of chime in on this question, too. So what are some of the biggest challenges that both of you are facing when you are raising daughters in today’s world?

Chris Lewis  17:56  I think that Rob and I both have daughters in high school, and I have a daughter in middle school. And I think that I think that one of the hard parts today is for me anyways, and I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna speak for Rob it is, as our children get older with the technology being what it is, it’s making sure that as they were young, you build that in that tight, cohesive bond with them, because as they get into their teenage years, they start to pull away. And that’s something that I think that all of us understand, in some aspect, because we were all teenagers at one point, but it’s hard. I think, as a as a father, you know, it’s hard to, to see that. I mean, I had a conversation with my youngest yesterday, and she said, and I said to her, and this was at bedtime, I just kind of said, you know, when you went into sixth grade, we got you a phone because we knew that you were going to need it because You’re going to be after school. Yeah. But I said to her where I feel, though, that since you’ve gotten your phone, you’ve been spending a lot of time on it, even when we kind of say, Nope, it’s time to put it away. But you will go up to your room, you’ll close your door and you don’t spend as much time with us. And, and that makes me sad. And I just got to said, I like being able to spend time with you and being able to do things together. And she didn’t really respond, but she listened. But I but I think that we have to continuously try harder as they get into their middle school and high school years to maintain those connections. And, and be able to to keep that bond as they try to figure out who they are for themselves too. So I think for me, that’s one of the things I think what are the all the other thing I would put out there is just that the society today is different. You know, when When probably the three of us were growing up, I mean, I, you, you always hear this, but it’s your parents said, get out of the house, go play be home by dark. Right? 


Rob Ainbinder  20:11  Yeah. 

Chris Lewis  20:12  And that’s not that’s not me. I don’t know if we’re just over protective or not but, but a lot of times as parents, I think we, we always have to know where our kids are. And we feel like we have to keep those tabs in there’s good reason, you know, for in some communities and in some places. I mean, you have to, we want to make sure our kids are safe, but I think at the same time you know, it’s it’s also just the fear of them growing up and being ready for the future to being ready for, for everything that’s out there. And I think that weighs on weighs on you as they get older too. I think those are a couple things that just for me, what don’t you Rob?

ob Ainbinder  20:54  Yeah, I think, you know, it’s interesting because you want to you know, the end goal is to raise fully functionally independent women in this case, and, and so there’s this in at least in my mind, there’s this stage approach where she’s she gaining her own legs and and yet I still do like you want that that one on one time too and and I’m seeing less than less of it as school activities and boyfriend or are in the mix and it’s and it’s and it’s hard in a lot of ways it’s it’s just it’s just hard to kind of say you know, we need to make some time to but we we eek it out and and I know that the world that she’s growing up in is a multi screen world. I think I had a terrific example of that when when we had a guest at our house and, and the guest asked my daughter, are you watching TV and of course, the TV’s on the phone is on, you know, she’s engaging with both, relative got up and accused her of lying of, of not watching the TV and I will wait a second. Wait a second here. What you’re missing is that this is a multi screen generation and they’re engaged with both screens simultaneously. It’s, it’s not like you or I, where we’re like one in one. It’s it could be three in one and they’re still tracking all three. So it was really, at least I felt it was my duty to kind of educate the guest on what the reality was from my daughter’s perspective because they clearly didn’t appreciate didn’t see what, what I what I know, or what she knows. So, there’s definitely challenges. And there’s there’s definitely moments that that are great. You know, um, I’ll never forget the, the text I got that she got selected to homecoming court. Like, you know those, there’s those moments as dads or daughters that that are timeless that will just stay with you and that and that you’ll fight for despite, you know, despite the society’s pressures on you, you know where as a junior we’re starting to think and talk about college and that’s a whole other thing.

Brandon Billinger  23:49  Yeah. And so, Rob, one of the first conversations that I remember having with you add dead to I think it was in Washington, right, roughly five years. Was your daughter was just about getting ready to date? I believe. 

Rob Ainbinder  24:04  Yeah. 

Brandon Billinger  24:05  So let’s talk a little bit about what some what are some of the values and examples that you both want to instill in your daughters as they you know, as they start dating or are dating or have boyfriends at this at this age.

Rob Ainbinder  24:20  So when we met at Dad 2.0 in Washington, she was just starting to date and there was no way in hell I was going to let anybody date or that was my attitude at that time, or at least, there was not going to be anybody that was going to date her and she go unaccompanied, without me, because at that age, I really didn’t think it was appropriate at all. And so, so my wife and I accompanied her on the chaperoned sort of outings. She’ll call them dates, will call them outings. Just the way we saw things. And it was interesting because the boy, the young man, the boy that came to meet her at the movie theater that first time. His dad just said, Hey, and drop them off. I thought that was interesting compared to how we were approaching it, because we thought it was important that she know that we were kind of phasing this in that, that we were going to go through the stages with her, and that we were still there, kind of in the background of for a few rows back and, and that we would still be present for a while as she as she and we got used to this idea that she was going to have these adult-like experiences more frequently. We thought it was important to kind of set the stage and set the standards the expectations of what this all would be like and, and she was fine with it. And she, you know, she saw that young boy, a young young man once and then there was another, another young man that she saw for a good deal longer. And then that takes us to her current boyfriend. And so each one of these is kind of moved along a continuum of increasing amounts of independence as she’s proven her responsibility at returning home on time,  that you know, that the young man that she introduces us to seem to be of good character. And, and I’ll tell you the first date with this latest boyfriend, he came in, I met him. We have to meet them. And I told told him two things.  I said that I know this is the first date this can go a lot of different ways. But there are two things I need you to keep in mind. And I need you to know you are now responsible for her, her safety and herself self-respect when she’s with you. If you don’t, if you have, if you can’t maintain those, we’re going to have a problem. And so far, everything’s been okay.

Chris Lewis  27:38  You know Rob, like that I actually have not had a lot of experience with it yet because my daughter through middle school really wasn’t very interested in it. 

Rob Ainbinder  27:47  Yeah. 

Chris Lewis  27:48  And so we’re in her freshman year right now. And there is one boy that she likes. And actually, I think today she found out That he likes her too. And so we’re in that kind of back and forth where they haven’t even talked to each other about it. But they’re, you know, people are telling them that each of them like each other and said, Do you like me to say yes or no? Yeah, you guys remember those? Those little boy? 

Brandon Billinger  28:16  Yeah.

Rob Ainbinder  28:16  Oh, yeah.

Chris Lewis  28:18  So not that they’re doing that now, but it’s kind of that how it feels. But But that being said, I think, you know, we’ve tried to have good conversations with her about what we expect. And we know this boy, we know his family. He’s a, he’s a good boy. Good, good young man. I should probably say, 

Rob Ainbinder  28:37  Yeah

Chris Lewis  28:38  very, very quiet, young man. But, you know, for us, it’s it, which when it actually happens, it’s going to be be different. And to be able to sit down and talk to him to be able to, you know, without weirding my daughter out in any way. But to kind of say, here’s what our expectations are. You know, I, you know, it’s still going to be a learning process for my, my wife and I, as we kind of go through this because we’re, we’re not, we haven’t had the experience of having to really deal with it prior to this, as of now, but I know that for a lot of dads I mean, kids are, quote unquote, dating, you know, hanging out, or whatever you want to call it. at a younger age, it seems. And, you know, I, I always joke with my daughter so you can date when you’re 30. But I know that’s not the reality. But I joked with them when they were young about that. And they’re like, well, you were married before then. You know? Yes, yes. Yeah.

Brandon Billinger  29:47  That’s awesome. Yeah, I was gonna say I was married before I was 30. So that excuse wouldn’t work with my kids either. So, Chris, what is one of your family’s favorite way to spend some time together.

Chris Lewis  30:02  You know one of the things that we have really like to do together we love geocaching. I don’t know if you guys know what that is. 

Brandon Billinger  30:09  Oh yeah!

Chris Lewis  30:11  So we like doing that we like going out finding geo caches, as they’ve gotten older, my youngest still likes to do it. My oldest doesn’t like to do it as much. We still try to do family game nights at, you know, when we can, as Rob was saying, you know, activities in high school just start to consume life. And even activities in middle school start to consume life and you have to still kind of eke out some time to be able to still have those abilities to be able to reconnect as a as a cohesive unit, to be able to have those ability or have the ability to be able to talk to one another, connect with one another. So that we, we don’t lose that along the way. But those are a couple of the ways we do that. We like all of us, like Mystery movies. So every once in a while we, you know, we’ll put it in a good mystery movie or we’ll watch something on Hallmark mysteries or something like that. Because, because everybody seems to like that. And we always try to figure out who done it before. beforehand and don’t always pick right. But you know, we try our best.

Brandon Billinger  31:19  too. Cool. And as we get ready to wrap up here in a little what is how can people connect with you, Chris? If they’re if they’ve listened to us and are interested in this dad with daughters community or how can they you know, find you out on the inner webs?

Chris Lewis  31:32  You know, the couple ways data is my my personal blog, we have a actually a brand new nonprofit that we’re starting called, fathering together, and fathering either way you can get there and you can learn more about that and it’s all about again, helping dads be better dads. And and there’s going to be also a brand new website very, very soon. for dads with All of those will get you over to where I am. And where we are. The there’s the I’ll get you a link and you can put a link right to the Facebook group as well. It is called dads with daughters. But it’s got a little bit longer name. So there’s a couple of different dads with daughters communities, but I’ll make sure that you guys have the the actual link and you can link it out in the notes.


Brandon Billinger  32:28  Great. Thank you so much. 

Rob Ainbinder  32:29  Yeah. Thanks, Chris.

Brandon Billinger  32:31  Thank you for joining us. Yeah, really appreciate it be having the opportunity to talk to me that. 

Rob Ainbinder  32:37  Well, yeah. Likewise. All right, that was a terrific interview with Chris. And it was our first interview. 

Brandon Billinger  32:49  Yeah, I think. I honestly think that that was great that he was our first interview with such a large group that he has with dads with daughters on Facebook I think it was, I think was a great interview. And like I said, I’m still amazed that Facebook decided to do a commercial

Rob Ainbinder  33:08  A network TV commercial with the group and phenomenal.

Brandon Billinger  33:13  : Yeah. And you see it all over the place. I think I think his whole insider baseball about that was was great. Yeah, it was a great little nugget that I will every time I watch I’m like, that’s that’s not really at a Mets game. Alittle deceiving there. 

Rob Ainbinder  33:29 A little Hollywood magic. Yeah. And then 

Brandon Billinger  33:31  but that’s the joy of video. 

Rob Ainbinder  33:33  Right? Right. And the reality of TV. 

Brandon Billinger  33:37  Yeah, it would have been hard to I don’t know  if the Yankees or Mets played this year, but that would have been noted been a tough game to try and get into I’m sure for sure. Even if even if your Facebook.

Rob Ainbinder  33:45  I think the other thing I could relate to was was wanting to get that quality time with his girls as they continue to get older. And, and his, you know, his oldest one is just a little bit younger than me. Mine is and I could totally relate to wanting to get some of that one on one quality time and how do you do that? It’s it’s a challenge in the face of the new the new commitments and new responsibilities.

Brandon Billinger  34:15  right. 

Rob Ainbinder  34:15  You know, it’s, it was a great topic to talk about.

Brandon Billinger  34:20  Right. And I think all parents, that’s a challenge for all parents as well. But I think more so I think there’s that connection and bond with the father and daughter that makes that even more challenging and fun and rewarding in the end.

Rob Ainbinder  34:37  Definitely, yeah, definitely. I always talk about talk about quality time, you know, we’re just, we’re in the moments now. I had gone through Taco Bell to get something to eat before a meet the teacher meeting. It was not at night to cook dinner at home. So I’m there and I’m eating gets through my second taco, who pulls up next to me in her car. My daughter, son All do though despite it all we had dinner together. 

Brandon Billinger  35:04  Nice. 

Rob Ainbinder  35:05  Yeah. 

Brandon Billinger  35:05 Well what was her reaction when she saw you? 

Rob Ainbinder  35:08 Well, she knew I was there because she saw the license plate. I didn’t see her. But I heard the car apprach because I know the sound of that that car makes the engine running I had window open because it was pretty nice out. And yeah, she pulled up. She’s like, hey dad

Brandon Billinger  35:27  Nice!

Rob Ainbinder  35:28  Hey kiddo! We’re having dinner together anyways. It was really, really cool moment. Yeah. 

Brandon Billinger  35:34  And she’s not was not embarrassed by the fact that you’re here at Taco Bell. 

Rob Ainbinder  35:37  I know! Yeah. She actually wants to talk wants to talk a little bit. I was like, Okay, well, I guess cuz nobody else around.

Brandon Billinger  35:45: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Well, I’m glad that you guys are able to share that together. I mean, that’s that’s like I said that. That’s just awesome. 

Rob Ainbinder  35:51  It’s all about the moments, man. 

Brandon Billinger  35:53 : Oh, yeah, exactly. Exactly. Well, um, it’s been a great episode and like I said, we had a great first guest with us. Chris Lewis go ahead and check out his facebook group dads with daughters. If you haven’t will help will even link to the YouTube link on YouTube to the facebook group video that we keep talking about and keep referencing because it’s it’s really good and I really hope for me it’ll bring a tear to my eye every time I watch it. Even though I’m even though I have two sons, still still just brings a tear to my eye just because it’s it’s in seeing dads involved. Yeah, and dads. This is gonna sound cheesy, and I know but I’m going to go with it. Okay, it’s gonna it shows it shows dads being in the huddle.

Rob Ainbinder  36:39  : That’s right.

Brandon Billinger  36:40  : Yes, sir. That is why this is the Dad Huddle Podcast. That’s right. So thank you for listening and I hope you tune in for the next one. Thank you so much. You have been listening to the dad huddle podcast. We know that you love what you hear inside the Dad Huddle, so be sure to hit that subscribe button and give us review on iTunes, Google podcast, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen to your podcast. And be sure to head over to our website dad huddle dot com to find out how to reach us, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

Thanks for listening

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