You are in the Dad Huddle, the show where we invite you to join us in improving the playbook on fatherhood. One dad of two boys, the other dad of a teen, talk about surviving life and modern fatherhood. And what it takes to live in this hectic world. The Dad Huddle podcast is hosted by Brandon Billinger and Rob Ainbinder.

Photo of Brandon Billinger Dad Huddle co-host

Brandon Billinger

I became a father (a rookie dad if you will) in late 2010 and have been writing about it since. I take a deeper look at what a dad is feeling in a particular moment. I am a working father who is trying to do what I can to provide for my family. I realize that I won’t be the best parent in the world, but I can’t keep from trying right? I am the father of 2 boys who will argue, fight, bicker, and still be best friends despite their five-year age gap. It is all be uncharted territory.

Photo of Rob Ainbinder Dad Huddle co-host

Rob Ainbinder

I am a Dad to my teenage daughter, widower, creator, writer, entrepreneur, and blogger/influencer. I’ve been writing on my blog since 2003, shortly after my daughter was born. When not online, I can be found tackling home improvement projects, crafting Barbeque, spending time with my family and cheering on my beloved New England Patriots. I am also the author of the books “Mastering Google Keep” and “Pitmaster’s Log Book“.


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